Coming 2023 on YLE, SVT, NRK and DR

Raspberry Hill


Stina, 12, suffers from lung disease and lives in the slums of Helsinki in the early 1920s. In hope of a cure Stina is sent to a sanatorium on an island in the middle of nowhere. She explores the beautiful island together with two roommates, Astrid and Christine. One night a mysterious boy shows up and warns her of danger in the sanatorium. When her cured roommate suddenly dies, Stina realises her life is in great danger. Someone is after poor children’s hearts. Stina is the only one who can stop the evilness.

Hallonbacken is based on Eva Frantz award winning novel with the same title.

Coming 2023 on YLE, SVT, NRK and DR.

Genre: Children's horrorDuration: 3 x 30 min